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Marvel Silver Surfer Ashcan Jim Lee CGC SS 9.6 RARE HTF signed by Jim Lee

Marvel Silver Surfer Ashcan Jim Lee CGC SS 9.6 RARE HTF signed by Jim Lee

Marvel Silver Surfer Ashcan Jim Lee CGC SS 9.6 RARE HTF signed by Jim Lee

Marvel's Silver Surfer Ashcan Edition 1995. CGC 9.6 Signature Series signed by Jim Lee.

Glide through the cosmos with the cosmic marvel - the Silver Surfer Ashcan CGC SS 9.6! This isn't just an ashcan; it's a rare artifact signed by none other than the legendary Jim Lee, turning it into a celestial masterpiece in your collection. Unleash the power of the Silver Surfer with this rare ashcan edition, a piece of cosmic history that's hard to come by. The CGC 9.6 grade ensures that this galactic gem is not just a comic; it's a testament to the Surfer's brilliance, captured in every pristine page.

Jim Lee's signature on this ashcan transforms it into a celestial masterpiece. Imagine owning a piece of the Marvel universe, signed by a maestro whose influence has shaped the comic cosmos. This isn't just a comic; it's a stellar journey signed by a cosmic legend. Rarity meets excellence in this collector's dream. Whether you're a Silver Surfer aficionado or a comic connoisseur, the combination of a rare ashcan, a high CGC grade, and the signature of Jim Lee makes this a true celestial marvel in the world of collectibles.

Seize your chance to own a piece of the cosmic tapestry. Don't let this celestial rarity slip through your fingers-act now, and let the Silver Surfer's cosmic waves become a part of your collection!

The not so fine print. Let me spill the beans on how I handle your precious comics. Picture this: Your beloved comics will be nestled in a sturdy box, wrapped in bubble wrap like a Bat-suit of protection. No cheap and flimsy envelopes here!

We're talking fortress-level packaging to keep them safe from harm. I treat every comic with utmost love and tenderness. They receive a gentle kiss goodnight before I lay down to sleep. In my quest to help save the planet, I proudly confess: I'm a box-reusing ninja! Your package might come in an Amazon box, a pizza box, or even a box that once held a life-size cutout of Justin Bieber (don't ask).

I'm all about giving those boxes a second life. The only box I won't reuse is Pandora's box. On the other hand, UPS is a bit more like Batman himself: ready to deliver at super speed but with a tad higher price tag. So, if you're in a rush to receive your package faster than the Batmobile zooms through Gotham's streets, UPS is the Batman to your Robin. Just keep in mind that the Bat-bill may be a little more, depending on your need for speed! Here's where it gets interesting. It's like Catwoman trying to grab a slice of Batman's bat-cake! But hey, we're not pointing fingers here!

I may wear a cape, but I'm not a comic book monster. Let's talk about those little imperfections you might notice on your CGC case. First up, we've got Newton rings. But it's really just a case of light getting trapped between two surfaces and creating a mini rainbow effect. So, basically, your comic book is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Next up, we've got inner well scuffing, scratches, and sonic stress lines. Don't worry, your comic book hasn't been in a bar fight or anything like that. These little production mishaps happen during the sonic encapsulation process. No, it's not some kind of superhero power. It just means your comic book was sealed in the CGC case using sound waves.

Now that's some high-tech stuff right there! These little imperfections pose no risk to the integrity of the CGC holder.

Your comic book is safe and sound, and still looks pretty darn awesome in that CGC case. Plus, imperfections make us all unique, right? So, let your comic book's imperfections be a badge of honor. After all, it's still an awesome addition to your collection! If you made it to the end of this posting, give yourself a pat on the back, and feel free to treat yourself to a cute cat video (or sock documentary, if that's your thing) as a reward.

Feel free to check out the other items in my store. I may not have the largest selection, but it is eclectic.

Marvel Silver Surfer Ashcan Jim Lee CGC SS 9.6 RARE HTF signed by Jim Lee